What is NexGen?

NexGen is a peer network geared to spark professional and personal growth in business executives and leaders. It was founded by business people who had experienced other peer networks and sought better value.

The strength of a peer network is in the people who join. Tom Reynolds’ goal as a facilitator of these quarterly meetings is to bring together like-minded business people who share common values. We build a trusting environment in which honest discussions about important business and personal issues can be shared. Every meeting includes a guest speaker addressing current business topics.

For each member, the expectations should be high but the requirements are easy. Come to a meeting prepared to discuss your issues with a group of like-minded people. Speak openly and directly about issues that others bring. Finally, come to every meeting receptive to new ideas. Members make themselves available to other NexGen participants for one-on-one conversations between meetings. All discussions are confidential.

NexGen meets quarterly on the campus of Azusa Pacific University in Glendora, Calif., or at members’ offices. Meetings, which include a topical guest speaker plus light breakfast and lunch, start at 8:15 AM and conclude by 2 PM.

Please email Tom Reynolds if you would like to join our next meeting.

Meeting Format

  • Early Social Time
  • Business Go-Around (Update the group on current events in your business)
  • See list below of typical topics and guest speakers
  • Personal Go-Around (Update the group on other issues in your life)
  • 2-3 Issues: Members usually have a prepared presentation for the group to hear and respond to. All topics are welcome; the more information you offer upfront, the more information you will receive in return.

A Partial List of NexGen Speakers

  • Steve Lustig – Exiting From Your Business
  • Terry Brown - Testing For New Hire Compatibility
  • Bob Maurer PHD – The Science of Change
  • Brain Muirhead, Chief Engineer JPL - Take Risk, Don’t Fail
  • Coralie Kupfer - The Principles of Interest-Based Negotiation and Good Communication Skills
  • Karen Miller, Ph.D.- Memory Enhancement: Maximizing Your Brain Potential
  • Jim Tarr - Getting to Lean
  • Abe WalkingBear Sanchez - Sales and Credit Together... A Profit Partnership
  • Col. Jeffrey D. McCausland - Leadership Lessons From Iraq
  • Tom Reynolds (Moderates) - Who we are… Where Do We Want To Go
  • Rick Saldivar & Bill Barber ISO Matrix - Balancing Business & Our Planet
  • Paula Golden - How to Transition Wealth, Live Well, Prepare the Next Generation
  • Jim Barber President of HASC - View of the future…Health Care Issues and Solutions
  • John Reynolds - Focus on what is critical, Accountability and Visual Performance Analytics
  • Stephanie Michele – Social Media Marketing For The Average Business
  • Michele Lando - The 5 Steps To Building A Powerhouse Brand
  • James Schaefer - Roadways to Recovery, Business Tools and Concepts for Growing Business
  • Bill Crounse - Business Talk 101, Better Communication For Business Leadership
  • Regina F. Lark, Ph.D. - Clear the Clutter and Organize Your Life!
  • Reg Wilson - Cultivating Your Legacy
  • Michael Levin - Handle Objections and Close new Business When No One Is Buying
  • Will Sproule - Macro-Management: The Art of Leading Decision Makers
  • Simon Burrow - How to Maximize The Value of A Small Business and Then Turn It Into Cash
  • Robert Sax - “Selling Your Story with Public Relations”
  • Jeanne Norton - Tips and Tricks of Air Travel
  • Michael Stark - The Partnership Roll-Up, An Alternative Strategy For Growth, and Value
  • Col. Jeff McCausland - Update From Afganistan
  • Jim Davis - What Do I Want to Do for the Next 30 Years and Setting Goals
  • Jim Barber - Health Care System 2014
  • Rob Flow - The National and International Economy - RIsk and Oppurnities
  • Stephen L. Read, MD - Psychiatry Geriatric & Forensic Psychiatry
  • Tracy Huston - Leader as coach
  • Ray Rood & Priscilla Rose -  How Succession Planning Ensures Success
  • Kate Walters - Understanding and application of the cross-generational workforce
  • Richard Azarloza - A Sustainable Economic Recovery?
  • James E. Bateman - Finding the Right Exit (Strategy)
  • Dana Borowka -Cracking The Personality Code: Hire Right The First Time
  • Keith Kinsel, Forensic Accounting - Disaster at your Business!
  • John Thrasher - Pitfalls of Growth
  • Jon Kraft - The Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Tour - Bio Tech Innovation and 3D Printing
  • Tour - Amazon Fofillment Plant
  • Lee Schwartz - Transformation of Manufacturing